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Using Property Management Software

I use rental tracking software to keep track of all my rentals. When I first got into the rental business, I did not use any software. As my rental property business grew, I realized I needed a way to keep track of all the rents and expenses. If I had known what rental tracking software could do, I would have used it from the beginning. The rental software package I use is called Rent Tracker Property Management software. It is a FREE rental tracking application. You can get it at the following website:

RentTracker Software (Free)

I also recommend LandlordMax as my favorite paid version of rental management software. You can get it at the following website for around $165:


Also, Intuit (maker of Quicken) makes rental tracking software that can be used in conjunction with Quicken, their popular personal financial software. I would recommend using it if you want to integrate with Quicken.

Quicken Rental Property Manager

I would highly recommend investigating the different rental management packages out there and pick the one that you feel will work best for you. You can also view the Google Ads on the right hand side of this page to find other decent rental property management software. I recommend the following 3 programs for part-time landlording based on experience, but you can find numerous others in the ads on the right side of this page:

#1 - LandlordMax

#2 - Quicken Rental Property Manager

#3 - RentTracker Software (Free)

This is another one of my ultimate tips. Use a rental management software package to help reduce the time it takes to keep track of your rental properties and organize your rental activity.

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